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Omega Apartments

Hotel Style Service with All the Comforts from Home

Welcome to Omega Apartments. We offer serviced apartments in London that are perfect for corporate travellers, families and holiday-makers on short breaks. If you are looking for modern, spacious and comfortable surroundings, we have the place for you.

Our apartments are provided with everything you could need in a home including ultra-fast internet, spacious living rooms and multiple bedrooms.
If you never feel truly comfortable in a hotel, then why not try staying in one of our serviced apartments in London.


Our Apartments

We aim to provide a first-class stay whenever you stay with us at Omega Apartments. We achieve this by combining hotel style service with all the facilities you have at home.


  • If you’re travelling for business, you can use ultra-fast internet for work, discuss matters with colleagues in the living area and unwind at night on the sofa.
  • If you’re in London for leisure, you can prepare home cooked meals, relax in the garden and enjoy high-definition TV.
  • Apartments can be rented for short-term lets (2 nights) and as long as 6 months if required. We offer generous discounts for longer stays.

 3 corporate travellers looking over work together

Accommodation for Corporate Travellers and Contractors

 family of 3 sitting on sofa in apartment

Accommodation For Families


Why Stay with Omega Apartments?

Save Money

Serviced apartments will work out much cheaper than hotels, especially if you are staying for longer than a few days. You will never have to pay for any extras and you can make substantial savings on longer stays.

Great Facilities

You won’t find kitchens, gardens or living rooms in your hotel, however you will in a serviced apartment. If you prefer home cooking and dislike small rooms, you will find serviced apartments the perfect solution.


 Comfortable Living

All of our apartments offer housekeeping so you can experience all the service you would in a hotel, with everything you would need from home. You won’t have to share your high-speed internet and you’ll be able to use multiple parking spaces.



If you are looking for serviced apartments in London, contact us at Omega Apartments to book your stay.


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